Squad -- a realtime collaborative code editor


Squad is a web-based realtime collaborative code editor. Squad makes it easy to open, edit, and share your code without ever leaving the browser. It is especially effective for teams with remote workers, and fine-grained privacy controls ensure your code's security. Squad offers built-in integration with the popu- lar Git version control system, allowing you to transition seam- lessly from your current workflow.

Squad is Code Together's original product, dating from October 2009. We constantly test Squad by using it for our own develop- ment work, and also had the opportunity to test it with some Indiana University computer science lab sections. Squad is very reliable, even for groups with up to 35 simultaneous users.

Treaty -- an embeddable realtime collaborative document editor


Treaty is an embeddable realtime collaborative document editor that allows developers to incorporate true realtime collaboration within their web applications. With just a few lines of Javas- cript, Treaty can be embedded inside an existing web application, completely customized, and available to customers with minimal development time. Instead of settling for constant uploading and downloading of documents, or sending your customers to Google Drive to collaborate, Treaty helps keep your customers in your application.

Treaty launched in January 2013 in private beta and opened to the public in March 2013. Beta testers included project management, instructional, and educational web applications.

[Who Are We?]


President |

Hillary Elmore Cage

I've been dabbling with code since my elementary school computer class exposure to BASIC, and though I haven't turned out to be a hardcore programmer, I've picked up bits and pieces along the way. A few twists and turns through the years brought me back to my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana to pursue a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction Design at Indiana University's School of Informatics and Computing. (My undergraduate degree in International Relations at Carleton College taught me many things, few of which pertained to finding an actual career.) After completing my master's in 2009, I became the user experience designer FormAssembly, another Bloomington startup. I joined the Code Together team in March 2011, and have loved every minute of it.

I decided to take on leadership of Code Together because of the many and growing opportunities for collaborative technologies on the web. I'm excited to see where we will take Code Together as Treaty and Squad continue to grow. When not working on Squad, I'm usually either riding at the excellent Up-N-Over Stables or hunkered down with a good book.


Lead Developer |

Ben Serrette

I've had a compulsion to make websites since I was first introduced to the web in 1996 (which makes me a late bloomer by some people's standards). Most people find it hard to believe that I was born and raised mostly in Southern Louisiana because I'm a city boy and don't have an accent. I went to undergrad at ULL where I studied computers and then got a Master's in HCI design at Indiana University, though I started coding long before college. Learning to code allowed me to create complex interactions that were impossible otherwise.

The ability to create rich, social internet applications like Squad is extremely satisfying. I think the ability to collaborate on code in real-time from any computer at any time will only serve to enhance productivity and push the web to even further frontiers. As Lead Developer at Code Together, I've been fortunate enough to participate and contribute to this goal. It's a really good feeling to have your product used by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of users in their quest to change the world.

In addition to my web development skills, I'm big into comics. I've written and drawn a few different web comics and for the past five years, I've been working on a print comic in my spare time. My master's capstone project attempted to fuse my love of comics with love of web development to produce a hybrid based on Scott McCloud's invention, The Infinite Canvas.

When I'm not busy working on one of my various projects, I watch TV. A lot of TV.


The Code Together team loves hearing from our customers and the community.

Send us your comments, concerns, ideas, and questions at team@squadedit.com, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you need help with one of our products, the quickest way to a solution is to open a Treaty or Squad support request.

PHONE: 317.537.7823 300 W. HILLSIDE DRIVE BLOOMINGTON, IN 47403 @wecodetogether